In 2011, the Ontario government acknowledged the seriousness of auto insurance fraud by appointing an Auto Insurance Anti-Fraud Task Force to study the impact of the problem and make recommendations.


The Anti-Fraud Task Force submitted its final report to the Minister of Finance in November, 2012. It identified the significant role that fraud plays in the auto insurance system, with the result being higher premiums for drivers.


The Anti-Fraud Task Force identified three types of fraud: organized, premeditated and opportunistic. Included in its recommendations, the Task Force report said: “…insurers should move aggressively to establish an organization that would pool and analyze claims data in order to identify potential cases of organized and premeditated fraud…”


In a 2014 Mandate Letter to the Minister of Finance, the Ontario Premier reiterated the government’s commitment to reduce auto insurance rates by “driving the necessary regulatory reforms and fraud prevention measures."




CANATICS fights fraud


CANATICS was created by the Canadian Auto Insurance industry to help achieve this commitment to preventing fraud



CANATICS – Fraud Detection through Data Analytics

CANATICS – Commitment to Privacy & Security






What is “data analytics”?

What is “data pooling” or “pooled data”?

Has this sort of thing ever been done before?

Are all insurance companies members of CANATICS?

What is meant by “organized” fraud? Are there different types of auto insurance fraud?

What type of fraud is CANATICS focused on?

Who benefits from CANATICS?

What led to the creation of CANATICS?

How does CANATICS ensure that my information is kept private?

Where is CANATICS data stored? What security measures are in place?

What privacy controls are in place?

Is my data in the system now?

Is CANATICS only in Ontario?

What type of data is in the system?

Who sees the CANATICS data?

What qualifies as “unusual or suspicious behaviour/activity”?

What is done so that innocent people aren’t accidentally accused of being fraudsters?

Is it legal for CANATICS to have my data?

Who pays for CANATICS?

Does CANATICS conduct investigations?

What do I do if I suspect fraud?

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